A revolution in concrete, Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks pack a solid punch when it comes to advantages they provide. No other substitute product comes close to what AAC blocks impart in terms of application, safety and usability.

  • Made from recycled industrial waste, they are eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • They do not degrade or emit any gas.
  • 3-4 times lighter than traditional bricks,AAC blocks are easier and cheaper to transport.
  • Being sturdy and light-weight, they reduce the overall dead load of a building thereby allowing for the construction of any kind.
  • With tiny air pores the AAC blocks provide excellent thermal insulation, thus reducing heating and air-conditioning costs of a building.
  • They are non-combustible and fire-resistant up to 1600° C.
  • AAC blocks have superior sound absorption qualities due to the porous structure of the blocks. This makes them ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, multi-family housing and other such structures.
  • AAC blocks are easy to cut, drill through, nail, mill and groove to fit individual requirements.
  • Owing to their build, they make hydro-sanitary and electrical installations such as pipes or ducts hassle free. These can be installed after the main construction is complete.
  • AAC blocks result in smooth walls with perfect contact between different elements, reduced cement and steel usage.
  • AAC blocks are termite and pest-resistant and indicate very low maintenance costs.
  • AAC blocks are easy to install, set faster, and harden quickly.