Robo Silicon evolved to provide an alternative construction solution to river-sand usage, a fast depleting natural resource key to maintaining ecological balance. A solution that is green in practice and also delivered efficiently.

Coming as a boon to the real estate and construction management sectors, Robotek has sustained its focus when it comes to maintaining a balance between industry practices and their impact on the environment.

Construction need not mean destruction of natural habitat and resources. We need to leave behind a healthy world and a clean green footprint post-development. The light-weight concrete and insulated concrete forms we have designed and developed to ensure a healthy balance development and conservation.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC blocks) presents an unparalleled and unmatched factory solution to this paradigm that balances development and conservation.

Our Green Mandate, our inspiration

  • Less usage/no over usage of natural resources
  • Leaving the planet’s natural ecosystem unthreatened after any activity
  • Leaving less, or zero negative impact on land, air or water
  • Staying away from all substances toxic
  • No over-dependence on raw materials sourced directly from the resources
  • Keeping away from using a natural raw material that we cannot replace
  • Maintaining a pollution-free policy with products

Being responsible citizens of our beautiful planet, we owe it to everyone to make sure that the things we do now would help to uphold the natural cycle of things around us.

This is what led us to the design and development of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks which are built from readily available raw materials, which are mixed and molded before being autoclaved under heat and pressure to create their unique properties.

This process makes the product suitable for construction in any kind of environment. In India, split face blocks have become a burgeoning aspect of construction which helps make the weather bearable.

Robotek is proud to present a pre-cast concrete cinder block solution that will boost, and inspire healthy urban growth.