Robotek envisions a sustainable and healthy future for the construction and commercial real estate industry and for the world in the long run.


To innovate and push the edge on quality, without compromise, while building a balanced ecosystem with a responsibility to conserve nature.


Robotek Buildcon is a pioneering autoclaved aerated concrete block manufacturer. Each block is made from autoclaved aerated concrete. As a result, it is light weight, eco-friendly and easily transportable and this is its unique advantage.

A tried and tested product, it has been widely used in construction and is preferred by contractors.

Through products that consist of insulated concrete forms, light weight concrete and AAC blocks, we are reaching further into the market to build sustainable solutions. We are based at Hyderabad in the state of Telangana. RobotekBuildcon was started by the promoter directors of Robo Silicon. They have brought with them the same innovative spirit that focuses sharply and determinedly on environmental friendliness. Quality effort and innovative persistence has been the foundation of the company.

RoboSand – another pioneering product from Robo Silicon, is now a well-revered substitute for river sand in Indian construction. It is the preferred material for construction and has earned the respect and patronage of leading industries, including real estate infra and construction giants in the country. Real estate developers have realized its importance as a better quality substitute with larger benefit to the environment balance. Using it in concrete and masonry works reduces the need for cement which in turn brings down the cost considerably. In the wake of this success, Robo Silicon moved forward towards developing other innovative, eco-friendly and cost effective construction material such as concrete and asphalt concrete. One of these is an aggregate called RoboPlast which is used as a popular base material under foundations, roads, and railroads. A specific fine aggregate in 0-2mm, it provides complete masonry solutions on site and improves workability. It is a ready-to-use product that eliminates the sieving process on site thereby saving precious time.


We embarked on a brave journey 15 years ago.

We’ve come a long way since that moment in time. A moment that was defined by our passionate striving to discover at any cost, a substitute to river sand being used in construction. A precious natural resource meant to ensure an optimum water table for human consumption of potable water. A resource that would filter and hold rain water and harvest it naturally for nurturing humanity.

After much research and effort, in the face of skepticism and outright disbelief, we zeroed in on the solution. We were quite sure about what our goal was a product that would be safe, environmentally friendly and efficient Robosand.

Today it is the industry’s most preferred construction material, and rightly so, benefiting builders, owners and the environment outweighing any other product used.

We will be making brighter and bigger steps in days to come seeking to replicate the same success across all other products that are used in construction. To make construction environment-friendly and user-friendly.

Mr. Vijay K Kosaraju - (Promoter), Managing Director

Vijay K Kosaraju – Managing Director co-founder of Robo Silicon Pvt Ltd, a mechanical engineer by qualification. Vijay started his career with M/s Fenner (India) Limited before joining hands with Subba Rao in year 1999 as a co-founder of Robo Silicon. Over the years, Vijay was instrumental in building the company's manufacturing infrastructure, the sales & marketing and commercial organizations. With his deep knowledge of customers and markets, Vijay continues to provide guidance to the leadership team.